Jerry Sears: A Story of Slavery in Minnesota


Usually the first location that comes to mind when thinking about topic of slavery is the southern United States. However, Minnesota, “the Star of the North,” has a long and dark history as part of the nation’s greatest shame. The most infamous case of slavery in the Minnesota [...]

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The Bethany Home for Unwed Mothers: Fighting for the “Fallen”


In celebration of International Women’s Month it seems appropriate to explore one of the many untold stories surrounding the women of Hennepin County. Being a woman, much less a mother, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was no easy feat. Women were confined to the private [...]

The Bethany Home for Unwed Mothers: Fighting for the “Fallen”2021-03-05T18:12:08+00:00

Pond-Dakota: Living Through Language


Image from HHM Archives The Dakota, like many American Indian communities, passed down information orally over generations, without incident. However, during ever-important treaty negotiations, under the pressure of white settlers to cede territory, the Dakota were forced to rely on [...]

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The Civic Celebration and the Linking of the Lakes: Honoring Minneapolis Since 1911


In July of 1911, a week-long civic celebration was held to honor and advertise the city of Minneapolis. The festival had been proposed by the city’s Publicity Club, and organization of advertisers founded four years earlier. It was modeled on similar celebrations [...]

The Civic Celebration and the Linking of the Lakes: Honoring Minneapolis Since 19112021-03-05T18:15:00+00:00

The Automobile Club of Minneapolis


While today’s auto clubs offer roadside assistance, in their heyday these clubs offered much more. In the earliest years of the automobile, they were a place for the small group of well-to-do motorists to socialize and organize on their own behalf as [...]

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Witt’s Market House: The Future of Minnesota Grocery


This photo shows the chaos that once was the second floor of Witt’s Market House. Witt’s Market had previously been a well established family owned meat market before expanding to a new retail space in 1919 at 705-09 Hennepin Ave S. The [...]

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Back to School with Stanley Hall


With the school year in full swing, it is a great time to reflect on the history of education in Hennepin County. Stanley Hall was a Boarding and Day School for girls in Minneapolis during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s before [...]

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Minnesota Lynx


A ticket from the third game of the Lynx's inaugural season. You are generally more likely to associate women’s history with the 1960’s than 1990’s. However, the 90’s were important for women, especially in the world of Minnesota basketball. The inclusion [...]

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Hayward and Effie McKerson


Archival donations come to the museum through a variety of sources. This past spring the archive received a donation from Walker Methodist Care Center. Dr. Hayward McKerson had passed away in December 2017 and with no known surviving family members, the care center reached out to the archive to see if [...]

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The Junto of Philadelphia – in Hennepin County


Benjamin Franklin is most famously known for his inventions and involvement in drafting the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. However, this Founding Father inspired and influenced many other prospects – although less famously on some rare occasions. For instance, few people likely know about his affiliation with the organization known as The Junto Club, or The Junto of [...]

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