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Women’s Civil Defense Council


March 26, 2021 Fire safety pamphlet from the Women's Civil Defense Council collection. This flyer makes me think of those safety films we had to watch in grade school.  I remember a long walk through the bowels of the [...]

Women’s Civil Defense Council2023-05-04T13:19:20-05:00

From the Archives: Company B Last Man Club


March 30, 2020   "We are still marching on ... Let's keep in touch" Company B Last Man Club was an organization of Spanish-American War Veterans from Company B of the 13th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. The Thirteenth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry served during the [...]

From the Archives: Company B Last Man Club2023-09-01T14:54:52-05:00

Commedia Theater Company Collection


March 4, 2020 Commedia Theater Company was a professional, improvisational touring theater from 1975 until the early-1990s. It specialized in outdoor park performances and toured across seven states within the Midwest and Canada. Former members of Shakespeare in the Streets Company created Commedia [...]

Commedia Theater Company Collection2023-09-01T14:53:01-05:00

MnDOT Right of Way Collection


November 1, 2019 Hennepin History Museum’s archive collection of Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) materials offers a glimpse into the world of highway construction planning. The materials in the collection are mainly impartial data collected for right of way surveys done in the 1950s through the 1970s. This small [...]

MnDOT Right of Way Collection2023-09-01T14:43:33-05:00

Jerry Sears: A Story of Slavery in Minnesota


June 19, 2019 Usually the first location that comes to mind when thinking about topic of slavery is the southern United States. However, Minnesota, “the Star of the North,” has a long and dark history as part of the nation’s greatest shame. The most infamous case of [...]

Jerry Sears: A Story of Slavery in Minnesota2023-09-01T14:25:11-05:00

The Bethany Home for Unwed Mothers: Fighting for the “Fallen”


March 26, 2019 In celebration of International Women’s Month it seems appropriate to explore one of the many untold stories surrounding the women of Hennepin County. Being a woman, much less a mother, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was no easy feat. Women were [...]

The Bethany Home for Unwed Mothers: Fighting for the “Fallen”2023-08-31T14:14:51-05:00

Pond-Dakota: Living Through Language


March 1, 2019 Image from HHM Archives The Dakota, like many American Indian communities, passed down information orally over generations, without incident. However, during ever-important treaty negotiations, under the pressure of white settlers to cede territory, the Dakota were [...]

Pond-Dakota: Living Through Language2023-08-31T14:12:25-05:00
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