About Hennepin History Magazine

Published since 1941, Hennepin History magazine tells stories of the people, places, and objects in Hennepin County and how our lives today can be interpreted through the lens of history. Read about what residents do and collect, visit destinations throughout our 607-square-mile county, and learn about innovations and legacy in businesses of all sizes.

History is everywhere. What we do and create today becomes our legacy. Hennepin History magazine strives to showcase the diversity of experiences and personalities of our county and how they relate to the Museum’s collections.  

How to get a copy of Hennepin History Magazine

  • A subscription to the magazine (published 3 times a year) is included in all museum Membership levels. Join today!
  • Individual copies are available for purchase at local retailers and in the Museum’s gift shop.
  • Browse past issues in the digital archive hosted at Hennepin County Library.
  • Read select content from and about the magazine under the From the Magazine section of our Web blog.