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Innovation in the Kitchen: Foley Manufacturing Company


March 19, 2019 Image from HHM Collections This Foley food mill in the collection at Hennepin History Museum was one of Foley Manufacturing Company’s most popular products.  Foley was founded in 1926 by Walter M. Ringer. When he introduced [...]

Innovation in the Kitchen: Foley Manufacturing Company2024-03-21T15:15:07-05:00

Past, Present, and Future: Thoughts from the Curator


Hero (Father and Son’s), Digital Collage, Acrylic, Paper on Canvas. 24” x 18” Untitled (Men by Fire), Digital Collage, Acrylic, Spray-paint, Paper on Canvas. 24” x 36” Last year, Hennepin History Museum commissioned Past, Present and Future: The [...]

Past, Present, and Future: Thoughts from the Curator2024-01-30T16:26:56-06:00

The West Lake Gallery


Bettye Olson. "Water and Bridge," Watercolor and Oil Pastel. 35" x 27" Circa 1999. 1/30/2024 The West Lake Gallery opened in 1965 as the first women-founded art gallery in the Twin Cities. Over twenty years, West Lake Gallery hosted hundreds [...]

The West Lake Gallery2024-01-23T12:46:37-06:00

“Before a Woman Enters the Booth”


10/26/2023  Officially adopted in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment states that the “right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” Before this important victory, [...]

“Before a Woman Enters the Booth”2023-10-28T15:37:00-05:00

Bela Petheo’s Life and Art


January 3, 2023 Long Shadow at the Farm, 1985. Oil on canvas. Bela Petheo (1934 – 2017), pronounced "PEH-tyu," was an artist, refugee, and teacher. He was known as a wonderful “colorist in oil”, but his work spanned many [...]

Bela Petheo’s Life and Art2023-05-04T10:49:48-05:00

The Fantastical Mind of William Dietrichson


October 4, 2022 William A. Dietrichson (b. 1922 – d. 2014) dramatically evolved in his artistic style throughout a lifelong career. Hennepin History Museum has several of his works in its collection, most of which are from the 1970s to the [...]

The Fantastical Mind of William Dietrichson2023-05-04T10:57:41-05:00

The Nicollet Hotel: A Landmark of Minneapolis Cooperation


July 28, 2022 Looking down Washington Avenue across Nicollet and Hennepin in 1886, with the Nicollet House on the left. Image from HHM archives. Though it has long since been demolished, the Nicollet Hotel was once the pride of [...]

The Nicollet Hotel: A Landmark of Minneapolis Cooperation2023-05-04T11:02:18-05:00

Heffelfinger Fountain


May 25, 2022 Local artist Paul F. Johnson completed this watercolor titled Heffelfinger Fountain in 1952. The Heffelfinger Fountain resides in Lake Harriet’s Rose Garden. It is around ten feet tall and made of bronze with a marble basin. Decorated with [...]

Heffelfinger Fountain2023-05-04T11:10:01-05:00

Josephine Lutz Rollins


March 30, 2022 “I get such a bang out of things the way that they are that I’ve always tried to paint them that way.” - Josephine Lutz Rollins, 1964.  Josephine Lutz Rollins (1896-1989) was a local artist renowned for her [...]

Josephine Lutz Rollins2023-05-04T11:54:05-05:00
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