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Wanda Gág: From Childhood to All Creation


August 1, 2023 Progress, 1936. By Wanda Gág (1893-1946) Lithograph. 17.5" x 20.5" Wanda Gág (pronounced Gog) was born in New Ulm, Minnesota in 1893. She was the eldest of seven children born to Czech-immigrant parents. Both of her [...]

Wanda Gág: From Childhood to All Creation2023-09-02T13:05:33-05:00

Birney Quick and the Grand-Marais Art Colony


May 24, 2023 Harbor – Grand Marais, 1954. Birney Quick (1912 – 1981) Ink on Paper. 18.525" x 24.5" Birney Quick (1912-1981) produced more than 10,000 works of art in his lifetime. He was a teacher, loved to fish, [...]

Birney Quick and the Grand-Marais Art Colony2023-09-02T13:03:59-05:00

Master Lithographer: Eugene Larkin


March 28, 2023 "The Violinist" c.1960. Woodcut Print on Fiber Eugene Larkin (1921 – 2010) brought lithography to Minneapolis. He ardently supported art history, loved artistic experimentation, and was an educator through and through. Whether in the classroom or [...]

Master Lithographer: Eugene Larkin2023-05-04T10:46:43-05:00

Cameron Booth’s Love of Horses


February 1, 2023 "Dapple Gray" 1964, Cameron Booth When I catalogued Dapple Gray, I knew it was one of my favorites from the collection. Part of it was the bold red fence, the size of the work (only a [...]

Cameron Booth’s Love of Horses2023-05-04T10:47:21-05:00

Bela Petheo’s Life and Art


January 3, 2023 Long Shadow at the Farm, 1985. Oil on canvas. Bela Petheo (1934 – 2017), pronounced "PEH-tyu," was an artist, refugee, and teacher. He was known as a wonderful “colorist in oil”, but his work spanned many [...]

Bela Petheo’s Life and Art2023-05-04T10:49:48-05:00

Rebel Artist: Ada Wolfe


November 30, 2022 Ivy Lane by Ada Wolfe, 1941, Oil on Canvas, 34" x 42" “Art, above everything else, needs absolute freedom for its growth. If you want to be a painter, then first be a rebel against anything [...]

Rebel Artist: Ada Wolfe2023-05-04T10:52:33-05:00

The Fantastical Mind of William Dietrichson


October 4, 2022 William A. Dietrichson (b. 1922 – d. 2014) dramatically evolved in his artistic style throughout a lifelong career. Hennepin History Museum has several of his works in its collection, most of which are from the 1970s to the [...]

The Fantastical Mind of William Dietrichson2023-05-04T10:57:41-05:00
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