Voices from the Pandemic


Join us for a conversation between Jennifer Vongroven and Agatha Lamin, two healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Minneapolis. The discussion will be moderated by Zac Farber, former editor of the Southwest Journal.

Voices from the Pandemic2021-05-05T16:37:31+00:00

Mutual Aid Community History Workshop


Join us for an interactive program about religion and mutual aid co-hosted by History for the Future. This workshop will focus on the histories of mutual aid within faith institutions and how these histories have led religious institutions to be able to assist during this crucial moment of increasing despair and hardship due to the pandemic.

Mutual Aid Community History Workshop2021-04-16T20:53:57+00:00

From the Magazine: Lena Olive Smith


Lena Olive Smith: Civil Rights in the 1930s by Jackie Sluss This article was originally published in Hennepin History Magazine, Winter 1995, Vol. 54, No. 1   Lena Olive Smith and client at Olive Hair Store, Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. Courtesy Minnesota [...]

From the Magazine: Lena Olive Smith2021-02-26T14:16:11+00:00

A Public History of 35W: Resisting Expansion


This virtual event will discuss opposition to plans to expand Interstate 35W from 1986 to the early 2000s. Panelists will include political and community leaders who advocated for transportation alternatives, brought awareness to automobile pollution, and pushed back against the demolition of housing for freeways.

A Public History of 35W: Resisting Expansion2021-04-26T18:20:37+00:00

From the Magazine: Twin Cities’ Black Golfers


Twin Cities’ black golfers have a legacy of fighting discrimination by Tina Burnside Charles Rodgers started playing golf at age five in his hometown of Memphis, TN, because his mother played golf. Rodgers spent many days on the golf course playing [...]

From the Magazine: Twin Cities’ Black Golfers2021-02-13T20:46:01+00:00

A Public History of 35W: New Research


Hear the latest findings from the “A Public History of 35W” research project. This free virtual event is hosted in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

A Public History of 35W: New Research2021-04-26T18:24:07+00:00

Refreshing the History of 27th & Lake


The history of Lake Street is changing before our very eyes. Join Lake Street historian and former HHM Interim Director Cara Letofsky on a combination history-current walking tour of 27th & Lake.

Refreshing the History of 27th & Lake2020-10-23T13:44:34+00:00

Housing Discrimination & the “Freeway Families”


When South Minneapolis residents lost their homes to 35W, where could they go? Join Heidi Adelsman, Jacob Noble, and Denise Pike of A Public History of 35W as they explore themes around housing discrimination and displacement.

Housing Discrimination & the “Freeway Families”2020-10-07T16:05:57+00:00

History for the Future


How have we, as residents of Minneapolis, assumed responsibility for the care and well-being of one another? This hour-long community dialogue will invite participants to reflect on their own personal engagement with mutual aid as they explore archival materials from history.

History for the Future2020-10-21T15:06:51+00:00
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