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A Public History of 35W: Virtual Story Share


This interactive virtual event will share preliminary histories about opposition to the freeway, its impacts on communities of color, and concerns over equity and environmental justice. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their own perspectives and stories. This [...]

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Story Share2020-08-06T19:45:06+00:00

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Art Workshop


This virtual program will invite participants to develop a creative response to a presentation on the history of 35W in South Minneapolis. No prior artistic experience is required and all skill levels are welcome. This artistic response is simply meant to be [...]

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Art Workshop2020-05-16T20:06:14+00:00

From the Magazine: Teamsters Strike of 1934


    If you are heading outside in Minneapolis this May Day, consider taking a stroll over to the intersection of North 7th Avenue and North 3rd Street in the North Loop. There on the corner of the Sherwin-Williams Paint Company building [...]

From the Magazine: Teamsters Strike of 19342020-05-01T14:13:04+00:00

Victory Memorial Drive’s Memorial Trees


On June 11, 1921, more than 30,000 people gathered together on Victory Memorial Drive to remember the 568 Hennepin County men and women who died during World War I. The drive, designed by Charles Loring and Theodore Wirth, stretches 3.8 miles in [...]

Victory Memorial Drive’s Memorial Trees2020-05-25T13:59:10+00:00

Take the Bitter with the Sweet: Abdallah’s Banana Split Dish


This banana split dish is from the 4th generation family owned business established by Lebanese immigrant Albert Abdallah. Albert opened Calhoun Candy Depot in 1909 on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. In 1916 [...]

Take the Bitter with the Sweet: Abdallah’s Banana Split Dish2018-04-02T16:15:39+00:00

A Survivor and Pioneer of Change: Dr. Borgen’s Dentist Chair


This dental chair was used by Dr. Fanny ‘Nusia’ Freund Borgen, the first female orthodontist in Minneapolis. Dr. Borgen graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School where she earned her DDS in 1956 and her Orthodontics degree in 1964. She was [...]

A Survivor and Pioneer of Change: Dr. Borgen’s Dentist Chair2018-03-19T14:07:25+00:00

Minneapolis Hosts the Woman’s Relief Corps


Long before women won the right to vote in 1920, women were given the opportunity to vote in small-scale local elections through organizations like the National Woman’s Relief Corps (WRC). This ballot box was used by the women of the WRC to [...]

Minneapolis Hosts the Woman’s Relief Corps2018-03-05T13:50:15+00:00

A Fantasy in Iron


This section of ornamental ironwork was harvested from the wreckage of the demolished Metropolitan Building, 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue South, in downtown Minneapolis. It was created by August Malmsten and Andrew Nelson who, in 1878, began a blacksmith business on the [...]

A Fantasy in Iron2018-01-09T08:29:53+00:00

A Large Coffee, Please


This monumental coffee pot shaped coffee grinder is crafted of cast iron and aluminum. It was manufactured by the American Duplex Company of Louisville Kentucky. The grinder offers several features or settings for achieving the desired grind, and ultimately, the perfect cup [...]

A Large Coffee, Please2018-01-02T12:37:01+00:00
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