Mary Gale Hobbs: Bold and Whimsical


Backgammon Players, Oil on Canvas, 25" x 39” The Mary Gale Hobbs’ collection in Hennepin History Museum is bright and full of character. Hobbs’ bold color choices catches the eye and her playful portraiture imparts personality, not just of [...]

Mary Gale Hobbs: Bold and Whimsical2023-10-03T13:41:42-05:00

Wanda Gág: From Childhood to All Creation


August 1, 2023 Progress, 1936. By Wanda Gág (1893-1946) Lithograph. 17.5" x 20.5" Wanda Gág (pronounced Gog) was born in New Ulm, Minnesota in 1893. She was the eldest of seven children born to Czech-immigrant parents. Both of her [...]

Wanda Gág: From Childhood to All Creation2024-04-23T15:42:00-05:00

Birney Quick and the Grand-Marais Art Colony


May 24, 2023 Harbor – Grand Marais, 1954. Birney Quick (1912 – 1981) Ink on Paper. 18.525" x 24.5" Birney Quick (1912-1981) produced more than 10,000 works of art in his lifetime. He was a teacher, loved to fish, [...]

Birney Quick and the Grand-Marais Art Colony2023-09-02T13:03:59-05:00

Master Lithographer: Eugene Larkin


March 28, 2023 "The Violinist" c.1960. Woodcut Print on Fiber Eugene Larkin (1921 – 2010) brought lithography to Minneapolis. He ardently supported art history, loved artistic experimentation, and was an educator through and through. Whether in the classroom or [...]

Master Lithographer: Eugene Larkin2023-05-04T10:46:43-05:00

Cameron Booth’s Love of Horses


February 1, 2023 "Dapple Gray" 1964, Cameron Booth When I catalogued Dapple Gray, I knew it was one of my favorites from the collection. Part of it was the bold red fence, the size of the work (only a [...]

Cameron Booth’s Love of Horses2024-04-23T12:11:14-05:00

Rebel Artist: Ada Wolfe


November 30, 2022 Ivy Lane by Ada Wolfe, 1941, Oil on Canvas, 34" x 42" “Art, above everything else, needs absolute freedom for its growth. If you want to be a painter, then first be a rebel against anything [...]

Rebel Artist: Ada Wolfe2024-04-23T11:54:41-05:00

Archivist’s Musings


July 1, 2022 Questions and questionable answers from the Dagny Dietrichson Collection at HHM Written by Michele Pollard, HHM Archivist A lot of questions come up during processing. A number of records don’t seem connected at first, but as processing goes [...]

Archivist’s Musings2023-05-04T11:04:24-05:00

Radical Roots: New Approaches to Family History


June 29, 2022 The Museum is announcing a new program to provide the tools, training, guidance, and inspiration for our members and the public to experience their own personal family stories.  Radical Roots:  New Approaches to Family History is a multi-faceted [...]

Radical Roots: New Approaches to Family History2023-05-04T11:06:29-05:00

The Forgotten History of Bassett Creek


April 29, 2022 Basset Creek Watershed, image credit Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission The Forgotten History of Bassett Creek by John Davenport, HHM Volunteer To many residents of Minneapolis, Bassett Creek, or Bassett’s Creek, is either unknown or unfamiliar, [...]

The Forgotten History of Bassett Creek2024-06-06T11:43:34-05:00
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