From the Archives: Company B Last Man Club


  "We are still marching on ... Let's keep in touch" Company B Last Man Club was an organization of Spanish-American War Veterans from Company B of the 13th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. The Thirteenth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry served during the Spanish American War of [...]

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The Zuhrah Fez: A Symbol of Fraternity and Philanthropy


This fez from Hennepin History Museum’s collection belonged to a member of the Zuhrah Shriners, a Twin Cities chapter of the Shriner International fraternity. The Minneapolis center was founded in 1923 and is the largest in the Midwest region, with over 2,000 members. It’s a fraternity based on fun activities and philanthropy and is known for its founding [...]

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Commedia Theater Company Collection


Commedia Theater Company was a professional, improvisational touring theater from 1975 until the early-1990s. It specialized in outdoor park performances and toured across seven states within the Midwest and Canada. Former members of Shakespeare in the Streets Company created Commedia after their original company [...]

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MnDOT Right of Way Collection


Hennepin History Museum’s archive collection of Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) materials offers a glimpse into the world of highway construction planning. The materials in the collection are mainly impartial data collected for right of way surveys done in the 1950s through the 1970s. This small snapshot into the workings [...]

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Older Than Minnesota: Gluek Brewing


The collection at Hennepin History Museum has several bottles once used by the Gluek Brewing Company. Gluek Brewing was one of the first manufacturing companies in the region. In fact, it was established before the State of Minnesota even existed. In 1857, German [...]

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The Spirit of an Entrepreneur: Wilbur David Dover


Image from HHM Archives Wilbur David “Dave” Dover was born on March 4, 1914 in New York. He was the eldest child of George and Fanny (Weintraub) both first generation immigrants to the United States. George was an Englishman, born in London, [...]

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The Famous Golden Guernsey: Ewald Brothers Dairy


Image from HHM Collections This insulated box in the collection at Hennepin History Museum once sat on a Minneapolis resident’s porch awaiting the arrival of an Ewald Brothers milkman to come and leave dairy products in it. At one point in time, [...]

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An Advancement in Audiology: The Maico Audiometer


For a short time, one Hennepin County company was the nation’s leading innovator in the field of audiological diagnostic instruments and hearing aids. The device seen here from Hennepin History Museum’s collection is a Maico audiometer that dates to 1940. This device was renowned for being [...]

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The Bethany Home for Unwed Mothers: Fighting for the “Fallen”


In celebration of International Women’s Month it seems appropriate to explore one of the many untold stories surrounding the women of Hennepin County. Being a woman, much less a mother, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was no easy feat. Women were confined to the private [...]

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Pond-Dakota: Living Through Language


Image from HHM Archives The Dakota, like many American Indian communities, passed down information orally over generations, without incident. However, during ever-important treaty negotiations, under the pressure of white settlers to cede territory, the Dakota were forced to rely on [...]

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