Cameron Booth’s Love of Horses


"Dapple Gray" 1964, Cameron Booth When I catalogued Dapple Gray, I knew it was one of my favorites from the collection. Part of it was the bold red fence, the size of the work (only a couple inches tall) [...]

Cameron Booth’s Love of Horses2023-02-02T09:00:32-06:00

Rebel Artist: Ada Wolfe


Ivy Lane by Ada Wolfe, 1941, Oil on Canvas, 34" x 42" “Art, above everything else, needs absolute freedom for its growth. If you want to be a painter, then first be a rebel against anything which has a tendency [...]

Rebel Artist: Ada Wolfe2022-11-29T14:48:30-06:00

Archivist’s Musings


Questions and questionable answers from the Dagny Dietrichson Collection at HHM Written by Michele Pollard, HHM Archivist A lot of questions come up during processing. A number of records don’t seem connected at first, but as processing goes on, those connections can [...]

Archivist’s Musings2022-07-01T16:49:56-05:00

Radical Roots: New Approaches to Family History


The Museum is announcing a new program to provide the tools, training, guidance, and inspiration for our members and the public to experience their own personal family stories.  Radical Roots:  New Approaches to Family History is a multi-faceted program that takes advantage [...]

Radical Roots: New Approaches to Family History2022-06-29T11:25:48-05:00

The Forgotten History of Bassett Creek


Basset Creek Watershed, image credit Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission The Forgotten History of Bassett Creek by John Davenport, HHM Volunteer To many residents of Minneapolis, Bassett Creek, or Bassett’s Creek, is either unknown or unfamiliar, but has quite an [...]

The Forgotten History of Bassett Creek2022-05-06T12:17:16-05:00

Josephine Lutz Rollins


“I get such a bang out of things the way that they are that I’ve always tried to paint them that way.” - Josephine Lutz Rollins, 1964.  Josephine Lutz Rollins (1896-1989) was a local artist renowned for her talent in watercolors. She [...]

Josephine Lutz Rollins2022-03-30T11:26:10-05:00

Fighter with a big heart: activist, journalist, MSR stalwart Mel Reeves passes at age 64


Article/image reprinted by permission of Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder.    It is with deep sadness that we announce that Mel Reeves, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) community editor, passed away on January 6, 2022, from complications from COVID-19 and pneumonia. He was 64 years old.  Reeves [...]

Fighter with a big heart: activist, journalist, MSR stalwart Mel Reeves passes at age 642022-01-31T09:58:00-06:00

Call for poetry submissions


Hennepin History Museum seeks poetry about love! Send us writing that deals with all kinds of love in all its stages. Interpret the theme such that it incorporates or references a historical event(s) or figure(s). We are open to all genres; however the [...]

Call for poetry submissions2022-01-20T20:57:57-06:00

The Father of Figure Skating in Minnesota


Photo courtesy of Jim Niforopulos. Lyman Wakefield II, pictured here, held many titles in his life: Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Navy, President of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, and Trustee of the Minneapolis Downtown Council are among them. But the title that caught my [...]

The Father of Figure Skating in Minnesota2022-01-05T17:33:09-06:00

A Community of Support


Hennepin History Museum is pleased to announce a period of free museum admission through the generous support of our neighbors at North Bay Companies. As we continue to create inspiring programs and exhibits, sponsorships like this allow the museum to reach new [...]

A Community of Support2021-10-02T02:59:46-05:00
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