Reimagining Olson Memorial Highway


The construction of Olson Memorial Highway, Minneapolis’s “first Superhighway,” devastated a thriving Black and Jewish cultural corridor along 6th Avenue N, in a pattern often repeated across the country. Before the project began in the 1930s, this bustling neighborhood included dozens of [...]

Reimagining Olson Memorial Highway2022-04-27T16:37:18-05:00

Let’s Talk About CRT


December 29, 2021 There was a popular song in the early 90s called "Let's Talk About Sex." Needless to say, the music video got a lot of attention, but the song wasn’t bad either. It held up because the premise made [...]

Let’s Talk About CRT2023-05-04T12:01:53-05:00

Living Room Conversations: Housing in Minnesota


Hennepin History Museum warmly welcomes you to a special virtual event showcasing the transformative power of conversation. Join local facilitators of Living Room Conversations for a guided, 90-minute dialogue designed by communications experts. During this conversation guests will have the opportunity to [...]

Living Room Conversations: Housing in Minnesota2022-01-28T10:52:46-06:00

Looking Back to Move Forward: The Housing Crisis


In his book The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein reflects on the legacy of the Fair Housing Act of 1968: “You might think that fifty years would be long enough to erase the effects of government promotion of and support for segregation. But [...]

Looking Back to Move Forward: The Housing Crisis2022-01-28T11:17:29-06:00

POSTPONED – Looking Back to Move Forward: The Housing Crisis


The Twin Cities are grappling with a housing crisis, which disproportionately affects BIPOC communities. How did we get here? How can a shared understanding of history help us carve a better path forward? Join us for this local conversation moderated by Chanda Smith Baker.

POSTPONED – Looking Back to Move Forward: The Housing Crisis2021-04-26T18:18:47-05:00

The Color of Law


A virtual presentation by Richard Rothstein with Q&A moderated by Chanda Smith Baker. Please visit this event page for a recording of the event and additional resources provided by Richard Rothstein.

The Color of Law2021-04-26T19:53:14-05:00
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