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Hennepin History Museum warmly welcomes you to a special virtual event showcasing the transformative power of conversation. Join local facilitators of Living Room Conversations for a guided, 90-minute dialogue designed by communications experts. During this conversation guests will have the opportunity to actively participate in a uniquely curated conversation regarding housing and homeownership in our community. This dialogue aims to build relationships and foster mutual understanding between community members, while increasing awareness of the complex history of housing discrimination in Minnesota.

In this program, we will divide into small groups of 4-8 people. The goal is to facilitate connection between people despite their differences, and even identify areas of common ground and shared understanding.

This conversation will be held on Zoom. Please register in advance, and come prepared to listen and share.

Living Room Conversations is a simple way to connect across divides – politics, age, gender, race, nationality, and more. Through applying and adapting our conversational model, we hope participants will build relationships that generate understanding and enable collaborative problem-solving.”

· More info on the LRC organization: https://livingroomconversations.org/about-us/


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