How the Streets Were Made


Local scholar Dr. Yelena Bailey presents research from her new book How the Streets Were Made. Learn how federal policies, like redlining, and advertisements directed toward white and Black consumers shaped and reflected Americans’ perceptions of Black life. Dr. Bailey is a finalist for the 2021 Minnesota Book Award.

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From the Magazine: Lena Olive Smith


Lena Olive Smith: Civil Rights in the 1930s by Jackie Sluss This article was originally published in Hennepin History Magazine, Winter 1995, Vol. 54, No. 1   Lena Olive Smith and client at Olive Hair Store, Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. Courtesy Minnesota [...]

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A Public History of 35W: Resisting Expansion


This virtual event will discuss opposition to plans to expand Interstate 35W from 1986 to the early 2000s. Panelists will include political and community leaders who advocated for transportation alternatives, brought awareness to automobile pollution, and pushed back against the demolition of housing for freeways.

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From the Magazine: Brought to Light


Brought to Light: The University of Minnesota’s heritage of slavery by Christopher P. Lehman This article was originally published in Hennepin History Magazine, Spring-Summer 2016, Vol. 75, No. 2. The grand, stately William Aiken House of Charleston, South Carolina, is [...]

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From the Magazine: Twin Cities’ Black Golfers


Twin Cities’ black golfers have a legacy of fighting discrimination by Tina Burnside Charles Rodgers started playing golf at age five in his hometown of Memphis, TN, because his mother played golf. Rodgers spent many days on the golf course playing [...]

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A Public History of 35W: New Research


Hear the latest findings from the “A Public History of 35W” research project. This free virtual event is hosted in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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Housing Discrimination & the “Freeway Families”


When South Minneapolis residents lost their homes to 35W, where could they go? Join Heidi Adelsman, Jacob Noble, and Denise Pike of A Public History of 35W as they explore themes around housing discrimination and displacement.

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From the Magazine: TilsenBilt Homes


Desegregating South Minneapolis Housing: Tilsenbilt Homes of 1954 by H. Lynn Adelsman This article was originally published in Hennepin History Magazine, Spring 2005, Vol. 64, No. 2 In 1952 Camille Keller bought a home on 43rd Street and Third [...]

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A Public History of 35W: Virtual Story Share


This interactive virtual event will share preliminary histories about opposition to the freeway, its impacts on communities of color, and concerns over equity and environmental justice. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their own perspectives and stories. This [...]

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Reading the Minneapolis Uprising 


Minneapolis, and the United States as a whole, is facing its history in a new and urgent way. The death of George Floyd has reverberated around the globe, and we in Hennepin County find ourselves at the center of it all. Hennepin History Museum [...]

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