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A Public History of 35W: Resisting Expansion


This virtual event will discuss opposition to plans to expand Interstate 35W from 1986 to the early 2000s. Panelists will include political and community leaders who advocated for transportation alternatives, brought awareness to automobile pollution, and pushed back against the demolition of housing for freeways.

A Public History of 35W: Resisting Expansion2021-02-03T22:18:05+00:00

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Story Share


This interactive virtual event will share preliminary histories about opposition to the freeway, its impacts on communities of color, and concerns over equity and environmental justice. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their own perspectives and stories. This [...]

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Story Share2020-08-06T19:45:06+00:00

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Art Workshop


This virtual program will invite participants to develop a creative response to a presentation on the history of 35W in South Minneapolis. No prior artistic experience is required and all skill levels are welcome. This artistic response is simply meant to be [...]

A Public History of 35W: Virtual Art Workshop2020-05-16T20:06:14+00:00

Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis


In the early years of airline flights, flight costs were prohibitively expensive for many Americans. In order to cater to wealthy customers, airlines wanted to create an environment where people felt lavished, complete with beautiful female attendants. It was after World War [...]

Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis2017-04-11T09:11:29+00:00

From the Collection: Soapbox Derby Car


This Soap Box Derby car is called “Tinker Toy,” and was the winning Soap Box Derby car in 1959. It went on to compete in the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio. The car was built by the Minneapolis Jaycees, [...]

From the Collection: Soapbox Derby Car2017-01-12T23:15:28+00:00

Photo of the Week: Street Scene, c. 1925


This street scene, photographed circa 1925, was taken on 6th Street looking towards Nicollet Avenue (now Nicollet Mall) in downtown Minneapolis. Visible at the intersection is the corner of the Donaldson's Department Store's famous Glass Block building. One of the things that [...]

Photo of the Week: Street Scene, c. 19252016-03-28T21:10:39+00:00

Photo of the Week: Greyhound Station


If you've been in downtown Minneapolis recently, say anytime after 1970, you likely recognize this iconic building as the music club First Avenue. From its opening in 1937 until 1968, however, this art deco building, located on the corner of First Avenue and [...]

Photo of the Week: Greyhound Station2016-02-27T10:35:22+00:00
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