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The Golden Era of Fake News


Can we trust the news? This familiar question haunted Americans in the 1800s, as they read reports of sinister conspiracies, miracle cures, and even men living on the moon. Whether outright fabrications or the exaggerations of a partisan press, the content of these newspapers entertained, shocked, and outraged readers. Sometimes, it changed the course of history. Join historian Alex Weston for a [...]

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Reading the Minneapolis Uprising 


Minneapolis, and the United States as a whole, is facing its history in a new and urgent way. The death of George Floyd has reverberated around the globe, and we in Hennepin County find ourselves at the center of it all. Hennepin History Museum [...]

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Birthday Party for Susan B. Anthony


Join us in celebrating Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday! Suffrage Artist in Residence Madeline Hansen will lead a day-long celebration honoring this leader in the movement for women’s right to vote. Over the course of the day, members of the public will [...]

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Fireside Chat: Mending Broken Hearts


Ames Sheldon will discuss the medical miracles conducted at Variety Heart Hospital in Minneapolis during the 1950s. She will also reveal the name of the famous movie star who urged audiences to make donations in support of this hospital. At the end [...]

Fireside Chat: Mending Broken Hearts2020-01-02T16:42:32+00:00
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