A Raucous Ramble Around Minnehaha Falls


The lost history of Minnehaha Falls includes dance halls, secret saloons, wild behavior, lawsuits and whiskey. Join historian Karen Cooper for a 1 mile walk as she tours the places in Minnehaha Park where all this mayhem occurred a hundred years ago. [...]

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Flour Power: Party Edition


At 7:30 in the morning, more than 1700 milling employees and their family, friends, and supporters, gathered in Minneapolis, picnics in hand, to board special trains that would carry them to Lake Minnetonka for the fourth annual Head Millers' Association picnic. The [...]

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Hennepin County Fair Flashback


County fairs have been part of the Minnesota experience for generations, and Hennepin County is no exception. This ribbon comes from the 1930 Hennepin County Fair, and is one of many ribbons in Hennepin History Museum's County Fair Collection. "Outside the city [...]

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Mike Hogan’s Aqua Jester Trunk


Above: Aqua Jester Mike Hogan used this trunk at Aquatennials from the 1950s to the 1990s. Clowns, jesters, and fools have existed for many hundreds of years in literature, dramatic performance, and pop culture. Children grow up seeing clown imagery with familiar [...]

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“Fish” Jones and Hiawatha the Lion


Robert “Fish” Jones, with his signature beard and moustache In 1876, a man named Robert Jones moved from New York to look for opportunities out west, and settled in Minneapolis. Missing the fresh fish so easily found on the east coast, he [...]

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Happy Historic Valentine’s Day!


On Valentine’s Day, secret admirers and sweethearts give one another heart-shaped boxes and lockets, red roses and bouquets, and candies with little love notes like “BE MINE.” Stores sell clothes and even lingerie with red hearts emblazoned across it. While our object [...]

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