Refreshing the History of 27th & Lake


The history of Lake Street is changing before our very eyes. Join Lake Street historian and former HHM Interim Director Cara Letofsky on a combination history-current walking tour of 27th & Lake.

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The Invention of the Damper Flapper and the Birth of Honeywell


This thermostat and motor belonged to a device called a thermo-electric damper-regulator and alarm, otherwise known as a "damper flapper." It was the predecessor of the modern thermostat and established the technology that laid the foundation for the automated control industry. Honeywell, [...]

The Invention of the Damper Flapper and the Birth of Honeywell2021-04-15T16:23:52+00:00

Tonka: The Toy Truck from Mound


This backhoe was manufactured by a company established in Hennepin County whose name is derived from the Dakota word for "big" and inspired by a nearby lake. That company is Tonka, and its birthplace was in Mound. Tonka became well known for [...]

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Nordic Ware’s Bundt Pan


Nordic Ware boasts a long history of innovative engineering and manufacturing of cookware. Their most famous product is undoubtably the Bundt pan. Today more than 70 million American households have one of these iconic pans in their kitchens. Despite producing a wide [...]

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Minneapolis-Moline Goes to Washington


While Hennepin History Museum doesn't have the space to collect tractors, that doesn't stop us from collecting tractor history. And even the briefest survey of tractor history will unearth the name Minneapolis-Moline. The 1918 tractor shown here was originally used on a [...]

Minneapolis-Moline Goes to Washington2021-04-15T16:40:33+00:00

Take the Bitter with the Sweet: Abdallah’s Banana Split Dish


This banana split dish is from the 4th generation family owned business established by Lebanese immigrant Albert Abdallah. Albert opened Calhoun Candy Depot in 1909 on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. In 1916 [...]

Take the Bitter with the Sweet: Abdallah’s Banana Split Dish2021-04-15T16:41:28+00:00

A Large Coffee, Please


This monumental coffee pot shaped coffee grinder is crafted of cast iron and aluminum. It was manufactured by the American Duplex Company of Louisville Kentucky. The grinder offers several features or settings for achieving the desired grind, and ultimately, the perfect cup [...]

A Large Coffee, Please2021-04-15T16:47:38+00:00
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