Crop Art Happy Hour


Join artist Liz Schreiber for a crop art happy hour as she leads a hands-on virtual workshop on making a mosaic made of seeds.

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Introduction to Crop Art


Join artist Liz Schreiber for a crop art happy hour: Valentine's and Galentine's edition! In this hands-on class, learn the basics of a beloved Minnesota tradition.

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Introduction to Crop Art


Learn the basics of Crop Art, a beloved Minnesota harvest tradition. In this hands-on virtual class, instructor Liz Schreiber will show where to buy seeds and how to create your own piece for entry into the 2021 Minnesota State Fair.

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Hennepin County Fair Flashback


County fairs have been part of the Minnesota experience for generations, and Hennepin County is no exception. This ribbon comes from the 1930 Hennepin County Fair, and is one of many ribbons in Hennepin History Museum's County Fair Collection. "Outside the city [...]

Hennepin County Fair Flashback2021-04-15T16:36:07+00:00

Minneapolis-Moline Goes to Washington


While Hennepin History Museum doesn't have the space to collect tractors, that doesn't stop us from collecting tractor history. And even the briefest survey of tractor history will unearth the name Minneapolis-Moline. The 1918 tractor shown here was originally used on a [...]

Minneapolis-Moline Goes to Washington2021-04-15T16:40:33+00:00

Hennepin County at the Minnesota State Fair


In 1932 twenty-nine counties from across Minnesota gathered at the Minnesota State Fair grounds to compete for fame and glory. Well, at least glory. The entrants in the "lively" county booth competition were judged on "general scope and quality" and beauty. While [...]

Hennepin County at the Minnesota State Fair2021-04-15T17:31:40+00:00
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