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This virtual presentation shows how to use censuses, directories, newspapers, death and marriage records to solve genealogy puzzles. Illustrates how to locate information on Ancestry, FamilySearch, Moms (MN marriage records), MNHS death records, MN City Directories, Find-a-grave.

Some genealogy research is particularly challenging. European records may not be easily accessible, you may have little to go on and perhaps your family came in the 1800s before immigration documents provided much information. This talk takes two cases that draw on some useful, but often unexplored sources, to unravel the puzzle. In one case we work with notes jotted on an envelope by a late parent, in another the memory of a visitor to grandparents. With those thin threads of information, we explore the process of building a foundation and a strategy, then identifying and locating the documents that will help unravel the puzzle.


Presenter: Susan Weinberg

Susan Weinberg is a writer, artist, and genealogist, and frequently speaks on topics related to genealogy and artwork. She’s president of the Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society and serves on the boards of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies and the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest. She creates art in her studio in the California Building in Northeast Minneapolis. For more information, visit studio409art.com on her book site, wespokejewish.com.

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