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Throughout history people have worked together to ensure that their communities can survive. It’s why we are alive today. In networks of mutual aid, community members take on the responsibility to care for one another.

Can mutual aid stories from our shared local past answer the (im)possible question of a truly just nation—can we make one? What would it take? We’ll look at historical photographs, objects, & documents from Hennepin History Museum’s archives that highlight the ways we have built networks of care to counter inequitable economic conditions in Minneapolis. We’ll be joined by current mutual aid organizers to discuss their experiences, challenges, and goals for long-term movement building.

During the workshop we will be highlighting playwright and director Seema Sueko’s play imagine a u.s. without racism on view at Mixed Blood Theater. Many of the themes discussed during the workshop will overlap with stories from the play. After the workshop ends we invite all workshop participants to return to Mixed Blood Theater at 7:30 pm to watch the production. 

A free meal will be provided during the workshop and masks will be required, except when eating.

Image courtesy of the Hennepin History Museum archives. From the community uprisings in the late 1960s, a bold experiment rose to bring to the underserved residents of North Minneapolis healthcare and social services under one roof. Pilot City (now North Point) is a federally qualified health center serving North Minneapolis since 1968. It has a public entity partnership with Hennepin County and is run by a community board composed mostly of people of color.

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