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‘Tis the Season


Join historian Alex Weston to examine the history of various holiday traditions as they have been observed in Minnesota over the last 150 years.

‘Tis the Season2020-11-18T16:54:43+00:00

A Warm Stone for a Cold Hennepin County Winter


Though foreign to us today, warming stones like this one have been used for centuries, and they have been made from all kinds of stone. Soapstone, however, was preferred for its ability to heat up quickly, retain the heat, and radiate it [...]

A Warm Stone for a Cold Hennepin County Winter2017-12-19T11:59:13+00:00

Photo of the Week: Winter in Minnesota


Staff at Hennepin History Museum is split on the snow question. Good? Bad? Well,  at least none of us think it's ugly - and it's hard to beat the beauty of t snow-frosted Washburn Fair Oaks Park as seen from inside the windows [...]

Photo of the Week: Winter in Minnesota2016-03-07T08:55:38+00:00
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