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Handkerchief Commemorates Minnesota Centennial


This handkerchief, now in the collection of Hennepin History Museum, is one of many commemorative items made to celebrate the centennial of Minnesota’s statehood in 1958. It bears the Minnesota Centennial logo, with one face looking toward the past and one looking [...]

Handkerchief Commemorates Minnesota Centennial2020-12-28T20:07:04+00:00

Moving the Steven’s House


Today, it seems too bizarre to have happened, but it did. What’s more, it happened twice. The John H. Stevens House was transported by schoolchildren. This piece of rope, held in the collection at Hennepin History Museum, is a fragment of one [...]

Moving the Steven’s House2020-11-14T20:46:45+00:00

From the Magazine: Hennepin County Dialogue


How will we look back at the events of 2020? A perspective from Augsburg University historians  Augsburg University has a rich history going back to 1869 when it became the first seminary founded in America by Norwegian Lutherans. Today the liberal arts [...]

From the Magazine: Hennepin County Dialogue2020-11-24T22:14:56+00:00

Minneapolis Journal Newsboys’ Band


This marching music stand in the collection at Hennepin History Museum was used by a clarinetist in the Minneapolis Journal Newsboys’ Band. It would have screwed into a bracket on the front of the clarinet and held sheet music so that he could see it while [...]

Minneapolis Journal Newsboys’ Band2020-10-19T18:37:48+00:00

From the Magazine: Dialing Dahlberg


A Minneapolis phone book’s moment of Hollywood fame By Gary Hornseth  and Chris Steller Phone book from 1972 that Robert Redford, playing Bob Woodward, reaches for in the movie All the President’s Men. “Say, there, Ma Bell, I love the [...]

From the Magazine: Dialing Dahlberg2020-10-29T19:13:23+00:00

From the Magazine: TilsenBilt Homes


Desegregating South Minneapolis Housing: Tilsenbilt Homes of 1954 by H. Lynn Adelsman This article was originally published in Hennepin History Magazine, Spring 2005, Vol. 64, No. 2 In 1952 Camille Keller bought a home on 43rd Street and Third [...]

From the Magazine: TilsenBilt Homes2020-10-27T13:14:10+00:00

Save Your Photos!


The last Saturday in September is Save Your Photos Day. Here is a handy infographic from our archivist with tips on organizing and storing your old photos.   Want to print it? Download PDF here

Save Your Photos!2020-09-20T12:51:31+00:00

Northern Sun Alliance Shirt: Anti-Nuclear Groups of Minnesota


The phrase “Safe Energy – No Nukes” can be found on protest signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts like this one in Hennepin History Museum’s collection. The anti-nuclear movement in Minnesota was strong throughout the late 1970s and 80s and left an impression on the environmentalist perspectives of today. The Northern Sun Alliance was a large proponent of the movement and created this shirt with the help [...]

Northern Sun Alliance Shirt: Anti-Nuclear Groups of Minnesota2020-06-30T15:59:43+00:00

Reading the Minneapolis Uprising 


Minneapolis, and the United States as a whole, is facing its history in a new and urgent way. The death of George Floyd has reverberated around the globe, and we in Hennepin County find ourselves at the center of it all. Hennepin History Museum [...]

Reading the Minneapolis Uprising 2020-06-17T16:16:56+00:00
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