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John Jamieson: Neighborhood Superhero


One of the biggest blockbuster movies before the pandemic crept up on us at the end of 2019 was Endgame. Oh-and let’s not forget The Joker. I’m too scared to watch Joker, so I’m just going on Rotten Tomatoes (ratings) that both [...]

John Jamieson: Neighborhood Superhero2021-07-07T12:30:19+00:00



Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning had a formula for better education that looked like this:  (SEMCOL)NEW+LD+SEREADS=BE or SEMCOL/NEW+LD=BE. Math was not my forte, but one of those statements must be true.   The SEMCOL records are currently being processed and organized to be added to our archival [...]


Spiff the Biff


Imagine the spiders that would’ve been in here!  This is the men’s restroom from Lake Harriet Park in 1998 before restoration started.  The Lake Harriet Restroom Restoration Committee (LHRRC) or Spiff the Biff took on the task of restoring both the men’s [...]

Spiff the Biff2021-05-05T13:43:48+00:00

Women’s Civil Defense Council


Fire safety pamphlet from the Women's Civil Defense Council collection. This flyer makes me think of those safety films we had to watch in grade school.  I remember a long walk through the bowels of the school to sit crisscross [...]

Women’s Civil Defense Council2021-04-15T16:15:23+00:00
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